About Us

    In 1983 while I was a student at Northern Michigan University, Mark, my fiancée, accepted a job at NCR Corporation.  Although his permanent position would allow us to eventually be in the same city, he had to go through company training in Dayton, Ohio, 12 hours away.  I was concerned that during the 6 months we were apart Mark would meet someone else, and forget about me. 

    One day I was talking to my Grandma Montie about my concerns, and she gave me a great idea.  Grandma said what I had to do was make him think about me every day.  She told me to write love notes on little slips of paper and put the notes in empty gel capsules.  Once I had all the capsules filled with notes, I placed them all in a bottle and designed my own hand written label that expressed my feelings for Mark.  Thus began the initial idea for Daily Dose. 

    The concept lay dormant for 25 years after Mark and I were married and we raised our beautiful family.  Recently I discovered that same bottle.  I decided it would be fun, interesting, and helpful to create a new and improved version to share with others.  With help from Mark and two great friends, we formed Daily Dose LLC.  We know you will enjoy our Daily Dose of Motivation, and we will be adding additional products soon.  Please let me know your thoughts and experiences with Daily Dose.

    What is it?

    Daily Dose provides motivation and inspiration in a bottle! Each bottle has a 30 day supply of capsules, each capsule containing a memorable quote. Whether from a famous person, athlete, coach, philosopher, political figure, or an unknown contributor, the quotes will provide an inspirational boost to your day. Daily Dose of Motivation is available now. Other Daily Doses are under development and will be available soon!

    For yourself or as a great gift idea, Daily Dose provides a unique and fun way of getting a little extra out of each day.